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Writing a book is like going home. For me, anyway. Because my books are all set in Michigan, it is a cathartic way to walk the trails and see the sights of my youth. The Michigan that made me. But also the Michigan I could only dream about. I loved my state history class in high school, and was enraptured by the tales of Native American legends. Stories that tried to give meaning to landmarks and places that I visited and wondered about myself. 

Moonlight Melodies of Copper & Pine is the second installment of my Starlight Symphonies trilogy. It tells the story of people living on Mackinac Island in 19th century Michigan. The backdrop is Michigan statehood, Native American disenfranchisement and prejudice, and the magic of an island that seems to exist somehow...a little separately from the rest of the world. If you have ever visited Mackinac, you know that it's true. And if you haven't visited, get on it. Seriously, what are you doing with your life?

The Kindle version is available on Pre-order RIGHT NOW and the paperback version will drop on the 14th. (The same day as the Kindle version will sync right to your device if you pre-order) 

I wil leave you with my favorite paragraph from the book, and hopefully it will tickle your imagination so much that you will pre-order. (here's hoping!)

There is a barrier that exists between the living and the dead. A hard line that cannot be stepped over. What is a ghost, but a collection of memories wrapped in smoke and dressed in shade? What is death but a window into another room, a balcony that overlooks the happenings of a present and future that is closed to the dead? 
(excerpted from Moonlight Melodies of Copper & Pine, Alexandria Nolan, copyright protected)

Pre-Order by clicking this link: Moonlight Melodies PRE-ORDER

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