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Can't get enough of my blog? (Well, first, thank you!) I am the author of seven books, and am currently working on my eighth. All novels + novellas + collections of short stories are available in paperback & on Kindle, which is a free app that is available on:
iPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle and your computer. 

If you like vivid scenes, beautiful places, well-crafted characters and stories that resonate with your experiences, then you will probably like my writing. (I think.)

Also, below I have linked some of my other writings from around the web. And if you live in Houston, TX or in Michigan, you may have seen me in some of your magazine articles addressing topics of fashion, music, cuisine and my favorite, travel writing. 

Coast to Coast Central: 
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The Cliffs of Moher
How to Pack Perfectly for Europe
Paris When it Snows
Snowshoeing in Michigan
Winter in Copenhagen

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