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Brand New

I've been a little busy lately.
You see, I had a baby.  I gave birth to a human boy. Which seems just as insane to think about as it is to type out. 
But, the momentousness of that creation has stalled my other creative endeavors. I haven't written a word--until now, that is. Who knew how much effort the complete care of a brand new tiny person would be. I certainly vastly underestimated the amount of selfishness I would have to give up and the amount of patience I would need to develop. 
And though we have spent most of the last weeks within a mile or so from our house here in Calgary, instead of our usual summer jaunts around the globe, this baby is a different kind of adventure. A difficult, no-sleep, high-stress kind of adventure, but a very rewarding and exciting one nonetheless. 
And we can't wait to introduce him to our favorite places around the world--and see them through his brand new eyes. 

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