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Beach Reads--Forget Me Not Blue

It's almost summer. And so, if you're anything like me, you need a book. Actually, you need a stack of books. A veritable personal library of books to keep you entertained while sunning or whilst taking a break from the waves of some beach, somewhere. May I recommendForget Me Not Blue
If you, yourself have already read it. Bravo! I thank you from the depths of my soul! Read another of  my books, pretty please. Or simply pass this blog post on to someone who might be interested. 
For today, dear reader, I have for you an excerpt from the book, which details Celia's introduction to many of her co-inhabitants of the asylum in which she is being kept. (but does she belong there?!?) 
Enjoy.  ----------------------------------------------------

“I’m almost certain you’re not quite mad. Perhaps only a little, which is fine by me. People who have a little less sanity are more interesting anyway, don’t you find? Like Nelly Gromer, over there by the window? The one holding an um…

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