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I used to always say that my books were my children. But, now, that my son is here, I realize that's not quite right. Instead of children, they are more like...facets of my soul, of my self. Perhaps that sounds dramatic, but I really don't intend it to be. It's a simple fact. It's impossible to write a book without slipping your personality, your feelings, your fears, your hopes, dreams, wishes, into it--at least a little. 
The characters are parts of you, they are people you know, or have met or would like to meet one day. They are stitched together, little quilts of people that a writer creates so that at the end of a novel I am left with a patchwork of vibrant chaotic colors, all of the patches shades of myself and my thoughts. 
I am extremely proud of my work, even my earlier work that may be...lacking in the skills I have honed a bit more as my writing has advanced and I have grown more comfortable with my own style. Not to mention the fact that I work with some …

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