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Off Season

Lake Como, it’s a dream destination, right? It’s the land of Hollywood stars, VIPs and celebrities. It’s luxury and glamour and glitz. Isn’t it?

Well, in the summer. In the summer months it’s bound to be full of Clooneys and the royals of Europe and footballers. All of them yachting and boating and bronzing in the sun. They are drinking expensive Barolo and Nebbiolo and spending heaps of money in the swanky restaurants that surround the lake. But in the off season?

In the off season, there is nary a star to be seen. The villages are mostly empty, the restaurants are barely operating. It’s lonely, almost devoid of boats on the lake, except those that are bobbing, docked and forgotten for the season. Or there is also the ferry, which is also uncomfortably empty, but still somehow painfully behind schedule, still operating on Italian time, infuriating to Americans.

Of course, it was when Lake Como was cold, empty, and somewhat depressing that we decided to make a visit. For although it was …

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