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Valencia, from above

One day during our trip to Valencia, my husband got it into his head to climb to the top of the Micalet. The Micalet is a cathedral in the center of Valencia's old town with a Gothic style octagonal bell tower with a winding spiral staircase with an ungodly number of stairs. 
Terrence is forever wanting to climb to the top of things. Especially things with lots of stairs, that are very old and mostly dangerous. Usually, he prefers to do this when it is extremely cold and the stone that surrounds you becomes a medieval meat locker, or when it is horribly hot, and the stone surrounding you acts as a primitive but effective oven. 

I really don't mind climbing up things, honestly, as I am a prodigious walker and have been well known for my feats of bipedal prowess. But...I do like to complain. Loudly and without end. So, in the end, after walking 7 miles around the city, he decided that he wanted very much to see said city from on high, and nothing but a climb up a tall building …

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