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With New Eyes

Have you ever had the experience of returning to a place you had been before, to find it utterly different than you remembered?  I hope so, for your sake. 
And I don't mean the sensation of returning to your childhood home to find that it is smaller than you remembered, or back to your high school to see that it is completely changed by a new coat of paint and the knocks and scrapes of different students and dramas different than those of your experience.  Instead, I mean, have you had the occasion to revisit a place traveled to find that your initial impression was incomplete, or even, in some cases, incorrect? 
Such was my experience this last time we found ourselves driving through the Canadian Rocky Mountains back to Lake Minnewanka. I was not at all excited about this little adventure, though many would have been. It is, after all, a lovely lake. Beyond lovely, actually. It is so indescribably beautiful as to almost appear like a backdrop on a movie set. It is so gorgeous as…

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