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Insane in the Moraine

Growing up a proud Michigander, I was under the impression that all the lakes worth visiting were in my home state. If not only for the beauty, majesty and bragging rights that come with being the “Great Lakes State” but for the sheer number of bodies of water contained within. Minnesota, “Land of a thousand lakes”? We scoff at you. Michigan is home to over 11,000. No matter where in the state you are standing, you are never more than six miles from one of these refreshing beauties. Can that be topped? Michigan is surely the epicenter of all things freshwater and deserves all the lake-related accolades.
But then, I moved to Canada. And I learned something about lakes. 
I’ve written before about our trips into the mountains to Lake Minnewanka. And while stunning, I would never say it held a candle to the soft sand beaches and clear water of Lake Michigan. Little did I know, though, that Canada, and Alberta specifically, had some lake aces up its sleeves. 
My husband had planned another mo…

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