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Road Trip to the Frozen North

In my mind, a cross-country road trip always sounded glamorous and exciting. Sites to visit, canyons to peer across, large bodies of sparkling water to ponder. Deserts, roadside diners, singing at the top of your lungs to a road trip playlist. This is the way road trips are portrayed not only in movies, but also on many travel blogs and in travel magazines. Memories made, new perspectives discovered, glimpses into the interior of the great United States. 
And maybe, for some people, this is the case. For us? Not so much. For one thing, our trip was not an aimless meander through places we wanted to explore, it was a charted and precise drive from point A to point B. For another thing, it was winter, across multiple states that were experiencing snowstorm with a cat howling repeatedly in the backseat and a dog jumping from lap to lap. We were Tetris-style crammed into a small SUV hoping to get to our destination as quickly as possible.
We left from Houston, Texas dark and early in the mor…

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