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Lake Louise

When we were on our recent weekend trip to the Canadian Rockies, Terrence, (very romantically) booked us high tea at the Fairmont Lake Louise. If you didn't know (which I didn't before) the Fairmont Lake Louise is a ludicrously expensive hotel on the absolutely stunningly beautiful Lake Louise. High Tea at the establishment wasn't the most expensive we'd ever paid, (Ahem, Sketch London, cough) but it was certainly not a bargain. However, we did get the benefit of this gorgeous view as we nibbled coronation chicken and cucumber sandwiches and disagreed about whether cream or jam goes on the scone first. (Obviously, jam and then cream). 
But, it was not until some time after we'd begun our repast that Terrence alerted me to the fact that the pristine blue waters of Lake Louise front of me. The picture above IS Lake Louise, which, I found startling, to say the least. The water in the lake, apparently, is frozen, and will be until--wait for it--JUNE! If that…

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