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North to the Mountains

I have never lived in a place that had mountains. Heck, where I'm from we barely have big hills. But here in Alberta, we have the Canadian Rockies-- and my goodness, but they are gorgeous. 
That said, I am not a mountain girl, per se. I have always preferred the quiet darkness and peeking sunlight of a green forest. A path winding through, perhaps pinecones and sticks, the odd wildflower and ray of sun coming through branches to light on your cheek. I feel most at home there, and coming from Michigan, this is what true beauty looks like to me. 
But my husband is in awe of the sea and loves the mountains, and I have to admit, it is hard not to. They are...majestic. If one can ever apply that word to anything, it is certainly used most appropriately in nature, and when confronted with a large, craggy mountain, covered in pine trees like ants on a picnic blanket. Snow dusting the peaks like a baker's doughnuts. It is... awesome. But in the way that means awe-inspiring, and not t…

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