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wayre Seville Dress 

wayre Seville Dress

wayre Seville Dress

wayre Seville Dress
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wayre Shift & Snap Tank

If I was an old-timey pirate, I’d say I’d been marooned. 

 Abandoned, put ashore, stuck.

This pandemic has grounded us, cancelled our travel plans and prevented a lot of adventures. But, there’s always next year, right? And I for one, will be SO ready.

But if we’ve been given this non traveling time to fill, you can bet I’ve been filling it with travel adjacent activities. Writing about past travels for magazines, planning our adventures for next year, and figuring out how to make traveling easier for us going forward. 

One of the aspects of travel I would like to improve is my packing situation. My partner and I have never been ones to check a bag (God FORBID) but it’s gotten... interesting and... a lot more difficult since having our son. Kids need a lot of stuff. Toys and emergency diapers, snacks and car seats and wipes, wipes, wipes. And since he’s a small boy and pretty weak (you guys, he’s 2) we have to carry all that toddler crap. 

Anyway, my packing cubes and edited selection of clothing needed to be trimmed still, and so quarantine has been an excellent time to re-examine my travel wardrobe. 

A while ago, I backed a Kickstarter for a sustainable, travel friendly dress made by a female owned company called wayre . (A bunch of favorites right there! Kickstarter! Travel dress! Sustainable! Female owned!) The dress has POCKETS!!! (Usable, zippered, and there’s  three of them!) it’s odor proof, wrinkle-proof and quick drying. It’s made from recycled plastic bottles and it’s super cute. After buying the dress, wearing it in this merciless Texas heat and sweating all up in it, I was in love. It really doesn’t stink. I keep my keys, phone, wallet and 3-5 hot wheels cars in the pockets with room to spare. 

wayre also makes very flattering shorts that are touted as “eat your way through a city”, and yeah, you definitely could. The waist and in the back is very forgiving and they’re comfortable and light, while still looking kinda fancy? My mom bought me a pair for my birthday and they’re just as awesome as the dress. The fabric is smooth and almost like silk, but without any wrinkling and so much easier to care for.  They also have pockets (!!!) and the matching tank that goes with them has a snap design in the back with a loop for easy hotel hanging, and could be easily worn with jeans or a skirt and still be très stylish. When I take my wayre pieces out of the washer, they’re almost dry and ready to wear already, meaning I could wash them all in a hotel sink and they’d be ready to wear the next morning. 

So, if we’re talking about streamlining my packing game, I would guess that I could pack two dresses, one tank and short set from wayre and a couple of other  random tank tops and I would be set for 2-3 weeks in Spain or Southern France next summer. 

Ok, yeah, the pandemic sucks, but it’s given me some time to find some gear to make future travel and adventure a little lighter and easier.  It frees up my hands to carry important things like a fussy toddler, a handful of hot wheels cars and a backpack full of diapers.

Watch out, 2021 my new travel wardrobe and I are coming for ya! (With pockets!)

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