Hip-Hip-Hipsterray! Austin Vittles and High Jinks

Happy End-of-Weekend! Terrence and I just got back from our jaunt out to Austin, TX. We ate, laughed, slept (a lot) and had the opportunity to spend some quality time with some people we had been missing. Did I mention we were going to a 'hipster' themed party? Not sure we nailed the look, but we had loads of fun.

Because of the birthday bash, we did Austin differently than we normally do when we visit. We hit up some completely different eateries, shopped in new places and generally explored a different side of Austin. (Not to mention going to Whole Foods HQ 3 times)

We usually hit up shops at South Congress. It's a little bohemian, largely corporate free and most of the goods being sold are made by someone local. All in all, it's a really  laid back, cheerful, exciting place to wander around finding super cool stuff.

 But this time, because we were mostly hanging around on a different side of Austin, we  had the opportunity to hit up this cool outdoor flea market that is attached to The White Horse off Comal St. The whole group we were with was lucky enough to score some treasures that we couldn't live without. 

When it comes to going out to eat in Austin, we are predictable. We love Guero's off South Congress, we dig 219 off 6th, we are big fans of Imperia, and we love eating at Whole Foods, which, because it is the HQ, is like 11 restaurants in one. But again, because of the event we got to take advantage of getting out of our comfort food zone. 
We're always a little apprehensive to try new restaurants that we didn't pick, because with our diet things can be tricky. However, we were able to find some items that were not only vegetarian-but delicious and not too unhealthy. (win, win, win!)
Takoba- We met up here for brunch with about 30 people to kick off the birthday party. Terrence had huevos rancheros, and I had two corn tortilla breakfast tacos with vegetarian beans. I didn't take a picture, because I was too busy inhaling them.

Later on we went to the East Side Kings Food Truck, and it was to die for. We ordered a small side of rice topped with veggies, and two orders of beet fries (pictured). These were incredible and not really deep fried so they still had a very strong, hearty flavor. I have been told that this food truck has consistently been rated one of the best in Austin, and it was easy to see why. Yum.
Finally, this morning before we left we went to 24 Diner on 6th and Lamar, to meet up with our friends one last time. I had some life-altering oatmeal ( I know, I didn't think oatmeal could alter your life either) and Terrence ordered waffles with some veggie sausage made from (MORE) beets and mushrooms. I declined trying it because I was on beet overload from the night before. 

Well, that was our weekend in food and shenanigans. We gallivanted around Saturday in our hipster best, laughing and talking with old friends and new, exploring a new side of a city we thought we knew all about, and had some freaking awesome food. 

If you're anything like me traveling can be a time that you get way off track on your diet and make bad choices. I was pretty happy to find that although I ate a little differently than I would at home, we still made mostly good choices and ate pretty darn healthy. (Weekend=success on all levels) 

Hope your weekend was fun and safe. Please share any exciting things you did, and any tips for the next time we hit up ATX! xo

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