leap and the net will appear

We haven't met, I'm Alex and this is my blog. Throughout my posts I will refer to the following people and it's important 1.) that you know who they are 2.) you understand the point of this blog. Or maybe it isn't that important, but I'll explain anyway. 

The following pictures are of my husband, Terrence and I and also my adorable, wonderful, inspiring, (sometimes pain in the a) cat, Jables. (like tables, but with a J)
We are two adults who are trying to figure things out. We live in an apartment in downtown Houston, we don't want a house, we don't want kids, and we try to explore as much of this planet and this city as we possibly can. I also am passionate about all things vegetable, cooking, fitness (running, yoga, weights, walking really fast) finding awesome new places to eat and have fun and reading. I hope to promote wellness, healthy eating, motivation, inspiration to travel and positive thinking. 
More cat pictures coming soon.

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