Still the One: Celebrating Deuces with the Boy

For most of those that are 'coupled-up', Valentine's Day is the most romantic day in February. (Or at least the day you are most likely to get a free dinner and some flowers) 

For us though- it's today, February 17th, that steals the show. 

Terrence and I met on February 17th, 2011. Our first date was at Max's Wine Dive here in the Washington Corridor of Houston. He swooped me down into a bend-you-over-and knock-your-heels-off smooch, ordered a bottle of wine and we moved in together a week later. (gives 'fast woman' a whole new meaning)

That was the easy part. It's all the rest that has come in the last two years that takes some work.
Our Wedding- June 2012
How do we keep it interesting and fun? Well, first, I know two years isn't that long, but we spend every day together, so it seems a little longer. In our entire relationship we have only gone about 3 days without seeing each other. Ever.
When we're not at work, we do everything together- gym, pool, shopping, dinners, hang out with friends, etc. The key is that often when we are together we are pursuing independent interests. A lot of couples need 'girl time' or 'guy time' and that's dandy. But, not us. We got married because we like each others company best. To me, Terrence makes everything more fun, so if you want to hang out..I'm bringing him along. (unless he's at work, then you can get solo time with me )

Secondly, we have the same priorities. Eating a healthy, plant-based diet is our prerogative and we spend a lot of time discussing our choices, watching documentaries on nutrition, planning our fitness schedules, celebrating our progress together. It's motivating and uplifting to share the same passion for wellness.
Piazza Del Duomo Amalfi, IT

We share the same dreams. Terrence and I have both been bitten by the travel bug, and our wanderlust is one of our most unifying goals. We pick places over 'stuff' 100% of the time. And even more than travel-we like to travel together. Sharing new experiences makes us grow as a couple and as individuals. We adore our adventures.

Finally, we both work hard on this marriage. A quote that I once read still inspires me and my philosophy on relationships, it went something like- 
"A good marriage is like good bread, it must re-made fresh daily" 
It reminds me that a good relationship is a work in progress and the same effort must be put into it on an ongoing basis for it to be successful. It's easy to be married and stay married to someone who truly values you, shows you he values you, and it doesn't hurt that he looks like a movie star. Just sayin'. 

So....Happy Anniversary, MoonBeat!  And a BIG Thank you to all of the friends and family who have supported us these last two years.

But please, share any of the tips, advice, stories about your great relationships...we don't have it all figured out and are open to suggestions!
Be loved! xo

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