Fish Oil Frenzy: Why this should be part of your routine

 Some supplements are ridiculous. They are not worth your money and they are filled with chemicals and yuckiness. Some supplements are wonderful and improve the quality of your life.
One of the supplements that Terrence and I are crazy about is fish oil. If even a tenth of the things they say about it is true... you'd be crazy not to take it.

Fish Oil is said to give you:
*A healthy heart- reduces cardiovascular disease
*Weight Loss- Improves efficacy of exercise and the combination of fish oil and exercise has positive impact on body composition and shape
*Improved Immunity- helps the body resist cold, cough and flu
Also helps with:
*Acne and Skin Care
*Hair Care
and the list goes on. (Seriously, I just got bored of typing everything)

Fish Oil can be obtained from pretty much all sources of fish, and because of this you need to pay special attention to the type of fish oil that you buy. A good tip would be to take the same type of fish oil that you would eat for dinner as a whole fish. Ideally, freshwater, PURE oil. Terrence and I take Natural Omega-3 Salmon Oil that has been molecularly distilled. I've included the information from the label. 

Fish Oil comes in pill and liquid form and it really depends on your preference. Finding good supplements that support your health and HARD WORK in the gym, and in your diet is important to seeing results and for your overall wellness.

Be Well! xo

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