Friday Night Confession: She Wants to Wear An Itsy-Bitsy, Teeny-Weeny American Flag Bikini

If you read this blog regularly, (as you should), then you would know I recently got back from Paris and Amsterdam. While  we walked a ton, and ate at the healthiest places that we could... a week away from the gym is still a week away from the gym. 

And as a double whammy, when I came home from vacation, I received this in the mail:
Almost actual size. (Feels like it anyway)

Now, if that isn't a wake up call that,
1. I need to be working my butt off (literally, it's a trouble spot) in the gym 
2. I need to get back into a solid workout routine tout suite, prontissimo, ASAP

Now, I have always been a little ashamed of my legs and bum. So for this year, I knew the only way to get them exactly where I want them, is to buy myself an agonizingly cute bikini bottom to wear for the 4th of July in Vegas, and to make sure it will only look good on someone who has toned those areas to perfection. 

I'm a bit of masochist, it seems. 

So, in order to get back to where I was, and then furthermore to IMPROVE upon it, I am going to be doing a ton of lunges, a lot of leg presses, the lion's share of my yoga will be balancing poses and leg shaping, and a helluva lot of walking. 

Most importantly though, salads, juices and veggies of all kinds are my best friends. Which is cool, because we've been pretty close for a long time anyway. It's been said on every obnoxious fitness meme known to man, but to reiterate, it's not just abs that are made in the kitchen--it's healthy, trim bodies. 
This is the back. Seriously. The part that my bum is supposed to go into. Not kidding.

So, I WILL be one with the suit by July. I will be PROUD to be an American bikini wearer.

Hey, it's America, right? Land of opportunities. So, I am seizing this opportunity to have the legs and bum I've always wanted. 

 Any summer goals that you are working on?  Bathing suit or outfit you are motivated by?

Be fit! xx

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