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When I think of Paris I think of beautiful, thin women, chocolates, exquisite cuisine and decadence. Now, I am forced to play the game, "which one of these things is not like the others" and thin women stands out. How can all of the women look so good, yet be surrounded by macarons, chocolatiers, patisseries, and fine dining? Well, they walk. A lot. And there are numerous books that will explain to you an entire French woman mindset. (French Women Don't Get Fat, etc)

So, how was I, an AMERICAN,with almost no self-control, supposed to play it safe while I was there? 

Meet, Boco. 
I had to move a trash can out of the way to take this. You're welcome.

Terrence and I stumbled upon Boco after wandering around near the Galeries de Lafayette trying to find a scarf for my stepmother. My 'TimeOut Paris' app described it as being a, "vegetarian friendly-food spa". So yeah, we were interested.

This restaurant was something special. The dishes are prepared by 4 top chefs in Paris and all of the food is 100% organic. 100%. Organic. I. know. RIGHT?! Also, they have a really cool concept. Basically, you come in and immediately are faced with a refrigerator filled with options. You choose a first course (some type of salad, soup, etc) an entree ( they had rabbit stews, pastas, salmon, mashed potatoes, beef, chicken, you name it), and a dessert (I stayed away from the desserts but Terrence had a very nice chocolate mousse). You can then opt for a glass, a carafe or a bottle of organic wine, or barista made coffees. Yes. Yes. Yes.
Look how French I am in my stripes, sans makeup

To top it all off, the mason jars the food is stored in includes all ingredients used and the chef who created it.  You Fancy, huh? 

You take it to the counter, they heat it all up exactly the right temperature for you, and bring it to your table. 
Not the best picture I've ever taken. But- clockwise from top: baked parsnips and carrots, roasted spicy tomato soup and mashed potatoes. Yummo

The kicker? All of this fancy-dancy, top-French-chef-prepared, organic fare- INCLUDING WINE- only set us back about 25 euros. 

The staff could not have been nicer either. Discussing where they get their produce, their passion for organics, their interest in where we were from, and if we were pleased with our food. We were delighted. So delighted that we went twice. Twice the same day. Yup. 

If you're ever in Paris, check it out. Amazing, delicious, healthy and made me feel like being a thin, elegant French woman wasn't beyond my reach. 
xx Eat Well!

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