Mon Ami: Making Friends Abroad

Ah, Amsterdam and Paris. How much I love you. Terrence and I had a beautiful, busy, romantic holiday in Europe. One of the best aspects about traveling, is the people we meet and the friendships we forge. Whether they are locals at the places we visit,or they are travellers themselves, we have had the honor to make friends that we still keep into contact with, and that we have shared unique memories.
Michael- Met in Amsterdam

Quincey from Dubai- Met in Amsterdam

Paolo and Luigi- Atrani, IT

Sometimes it seems like the people we meet on holiday are closer to us than the people we see every day. I think maybe it's because they are seeing our "best selves"-- the people we want to be, but can't when we are too preoccupied with work, commitments, or our everyday lives. These relationships we generate leave a deep impression on us, and we speak of those we met fondly and remember them often. 
When re-connecting with them online it doesn't seem like a person you met once, or knew for a week or so while on vacation, they feel closer, like a dear friend. I think this is because of the circumstances of the meeting but also because we don't just feel affection for the person we met, but also for the person we were when we met them. 

For this post, I've solicited the help of some of the amazing, interesting, diverse people that we have met on our Globe-Trots, and asked them for their advice on creating friendships when traveling.

Landon and Becky Lipinski, Met in Costa Rica 12/11-Canadian
Have luggage-will travel
- " I have realized that no matter where I am in the world, or who I meet--most people are good people and will treat you how you treat them. If you are friendly, open and honest most people respond back the same way"-Landon

Maria, Met in Amalfi, IT 6/12-Italian

" So, it's VERY simple in my opinion..travelling for me it's something I cannot live without, it's something natural, so I just behave normally. I like food shopping in local shops, I like eating in very typical-homely-no-posh-at-all place, I like doing things that local people do. So, in my normal life I make "friends" all the time. Okay, most of them are not friends in the proper meanings of the word. For example, if I'm on a bus, on a train, on a plane by my own, I cannot sit without talking with someone, and I am always lucky enough to find nice people that do the same.  We always end telling each other about our lives and so on. Now, sometimes that's last the time we talk on a journey, sometimes not and we keep in touch. Once I was with Bruno (my boyfriend) at a restaurant and we started our dinner in a table for two, ending up joining the nice couple next to us and having dinner all together (like after 10 min we met, crazy). So, that's like things work for me. Simply, I do this at my home place, and I do this while travelling with the only difference that for obvious reasons, doing that while travelling is better!!
1) Your excited because you're travelling
2) If your new friend is a traveller (yes, I don't like the term "tourist") you probably have the same interests and your both happy and relaxed and looking for the same things 
3) If your new friend is a local, much better!! he/she can give you the best advise and you can really enjoy the place like NOT a tourist! "--Maria

Annmaree, Met in Atrani, IT 7/2008-British/Kiwi

"Travelling is the most magical way to make life long friends from all over the world.  I often travel alone, and find the occasional stay in a hostel where you will be sharing a room will have you engaging with so many interesting people.  Be open minded, be curious and invite them to join you for dinner or some sightseeing.  Great friendships start this way and this is exactly how I have met some of my best friends."-Annmaree
Marinella (Italian) and I-Friends Since 2008-Met in Atrani, IT

Seeing new things, meeting new people, making positive memories... these are all part of good health and give us the motivation and desire to eat healthy, stay in shape, be healthy. 
When we have a beautiful, interesting life, with interesting, wonderful people in it.. . it gives us a reason for living.
Be well! xo

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