Red, Red Wine You Make Me Feel So Fine

In Paris, Terrence and I indulged in a bottle of French red wine every night we were there. (When in Rome...err...Paris) And while an entire bottle between two people who aren't used to drinking very much or often is maybe not 'ideal', a glass of good red wine is not a bad treat health-wise. (Actually, it's a pretty GREAT treat)

We've all heard about resveratol and how it's so amazing...but I wasn't exactly sure what was so great about it.... or what it actually was.

So I did some research.

According to the Mayo Clinic, it seems that resveratol helps prevent damage to red blood cells, lowers bad cholesterol and prevents blood clots. Research is still being done to prove all of this conclusively. (Because most of the research has been done on animals. Which, sounds ok. Jables has been known to pop a bottle on a rough day of laying around the house or destroying the couch)

Why red wine? 
Well, because resveratol comes from grape skins the red wine has been fermented longer with the skins,and so therefore contains more resveratol. Some studies suggest you can get similar benefits by simply eating grapes or drinking grape juice...but that's less fun.

Other research suggests that red wine can inhibit tumor growth in some cancers and that resveratol can also aid in formation of nerve cells, which would help with treatment of neurological problems and diseases. Good stuff.

So, what type should I be drinking?
The rule of thumb is, the sweeter the wine, the less good resveratol it has. In studies, the wine containing the highest amounts of flavonoids (good stuff) was Cabernet Sauvignon, followed by Pinot Noir and Syrah. Lower contents were found in Merlots and Red Zins. So, if you're a wine snob...this isn't a problem.

In any case, the research and studies continue, but so far sounds like red wine is a good choice. Just be sure not to over-do it. Long term over-consumption of alcohol can have a whole host of negative effects that COMPLETELY outweigh any positives. Moderation in all things. 

So, a toast to your health. Prost, Here's Mud in Your Eye, Cheers, Slainte, Skoal, or Salute! 
Drink Healthy xx


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