Travel Light: What's in the bag?

Terrence and I leave for Paris and Amsterdam in 4 days. (4 DAYS!) and it got me thinking about how and what exactly I am going to pack.

I completely agree with staying active and fit on vacation, BUT Terrence and I  go about it a different way. Since being healthy is our lifestyle we don't just explode into eating machines whenever we leave Houston City Limits. (not usually, anyway) We also do not pack gym shoes and workout clothes either.

Going on a trip is a great time to get fit by exploring the new city you are in... and we like to explore on foot. Which after several hours... is a GREAT workout.

 I always bring snacks. In a previous post I shared some of my favorite snacks. For our trip to Europe though we are going to include a lot more granola bars including some Quest bars, Boundless Nutrition Oatmega Bars, and Thunderbird bars. Terrence and I like to be prepared not only for when we get hungry, but also so that we aren't spending precious vacation cash on overpriced European snacks. 

As far as clothes and toiletries, I pack light. Our Nolan rule is: NO CHECKING BAGS. No matter where we are traveling, or the duration of our trip-- we don't pack a bag that has to be checked. I personally have had too many (okay just 1, but that 1 was enough) bad experiences with lost luggage, late luggage, to make it worth it to have a full sized shampoo or an extra pair of boots. Even for our two week trip to Italy a few months back, just one bag  and one LARGE (probably not TSA appropriate) carry-on was all that each of us brought.

Paris and Amsterdam are supposed to be cold when we go in March. (40-50 degrees) So coming from Houston, TX we have to prepare for a little different climate. We also had to keep in mind, that even though we're proud to be American... we don't want the nice Dutch or Parisians to know as soon as they look at us. We want to be just as fashionable and attractive as they are. So after a plethora of magazine and internet research... Here's what I'm packing.

*Two pairs of skinnies. Dark Skinny jeans are said to be acceptable attire
* Dark American Apparel thick leggings
*Full length romper for the plane

*4 dark (navy, grey, black) scoop or vneck plain tops
*1 navy blouse
*2 belted slim fleece sweatshirts
*1 shawl collar sweater
*1 black long cardigan
*assortment of tank tops for layering

*Black Blouson Dress
*2 scandalous dresses for Amsterdam clubs (Can't help it)

*2 pairs comfy flats
*1 pair wellies
*1 pair heels

*Multitude of scarves
*Warm Coat

I make sure to pack a lot of different things that go together, can be layered easily and are made from packable, lightweight materials, that I will comfortable walking, dancing and exploring in.

Anything I'm missing? Anyone else going on a fun trip?
Be adventurous! xo

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