30 Day Yoga Challenge-May

Jables does all she can to hinder my practice

If you've read some of my other posts, you know that I am prepping for a Yoga Teacher Training in June at the Yoga Institute here in Houston. In order to prepare myself I have decided to do a 30 day yoga challenge. 

These are the parameters I will be following.

Everyday of the 30 days I will do at least 25 minutes of yoga.
--Each week I am responsible for at least (1)
*90 minute practice
*Heart Opener
* 30 minute Meditation
 and at least (2) (60 mins each)
*practices that focus on inversions
*practices that focus on balancing poses

I also am challenging myself to walk/run at least 10 miles a week in addition to my practice. (and I am currently in the middle of a squat challenge. Ahhhhhhh!)
hinder no more!

I had a high school teacher that used to say "Best of Skill" before every test, to which the class would say, 
"Don't you mean 'luck'?"
She always replied, 
"You don't need luck when you've got skill"
And I never forgot that. So, wish me 'Best of Skill' for this upcoming month of May and my challenge!
I will periodically post my progress and the different apps, motivation, and tools I am using to meet my goals.

Anyone want to join? Did I leave anything out that should be included in the challenge? 

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