Happy Birthday, Daddilums!

cutting a rug at my wedding--he never left the dance floor

My Dad is amazing. 

Today is his birthday, so I thought it was worth it for my fit friends and readers to know what an inspiring, awesome man raised me. 

My Dad has always been active. Coaching soccer, playing soccer, hiking, canoeing, basketball, kayaking, biking..these are all activities that he has done all 26 years of my life. He and my stepmom are always exploring, adventuring and having a blast together. His dedication to his health and love of fun inspires me and my own fitness. He made staying fit part of regular everyday life, and not a chore or 'extra' to be added into the schedule. Most of the time we were out rollerblading, or riding bikes, playing soccer in the backyard or at the park... I didn't even know we were being healthy. Having fun and being active is just a way of life for my Dad.
He's a goofball

He's a phenomenal chef who inspired my own cooking. Never one to follow an exact recipe, my Dad just throws in whatever looks good and the result is always something delicious... just don't expect him to be able to replicate the recipe again. He always used lots of vegetables, lots of fruit and different types of interesting spices that I never saw in my friends kitchens. 

He's an artist. He can pick up and play just about any instrument, writes in beautiful calligraphy, paints, draws, and used to make very detailed, beautiful letters for me from the 'tooth fairy' complete with 'fairy handwriting', runes and drawings.
Christmas 2012

My Daddy made sure that every holiday was an EVENT and never ceased to make me feel special and important. He taught me to value myself, my health and to be proud of my talents. Lately, he has supported me so much with this blog and with my personal health journey with fitness tips, recipe suggestions and comments on the blog. I would not be where I am with my personal growth or fitness without his love and encouragement.

Happy Birthday to an incredible man, whom I love very much.

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