Texas Travels: Austin SoCo

When I first moved to Texas, I lived in Austin. And, I LOVED it. As time went on, I took a job in Houston and left my "new home" behind. And even though Michigan is home, Austin always kind of feels that way too. 

Since we aren't too far away in Houston, we are able to make the trip west a couple of times a year. And when we go, like we did this past weekend-- we spend our time on South Congress. We like to think of it as 'our place'. Terrence went to school at the University of Texas, but was more likely to be found raging on 6th St. than laxing on SoCo. As a result, we are able to have our own memories in a part of a city he never got to know before we met.

There is a terrific vibe throughout the whole city, but SoCo is  just something really special. When I lived in Austin, I would spend my days off  meandering up and down South Congress, dipping into the side streets and looking at the houses of the lucky people who got to live with the most alive, vibrant, part of Texas, LITERALLY in their backyard.  

Shops featuring the wares of local artists, Latin American curios, Vintage shops, Antique Stores, and healthy, green, privately-owned eateries made this my favorite destination in Austin then-and now.  And while we opt for local vegetarian fare more often than not, we do have to go halve-sies on a Hey Cupcake treat to make the trip complete.

There is just something about that part of town and that street that makes me blissfully happy. I feel an affinity with my surroundings and the people there. I know that I am encountering like-minded souls who have an appreciation for some of the things that are important to me. Like, green-living, soaking up the sunshine, and being well, a little weird. 

South Congress is one of my 'special places' in this world. Where's yours?

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