Texas Travels//Wedding Weekend

That IS lemonade. 

The second of the two weddings Terrence and I attended this weekend really was...magic. The ambience was incredible, the dancing was wild and the night was romantic. Perfecto.

This alfresco wedding in particular, for whatever reason, held our attention and made us consider the importance of our own wedding vows, and our hopes for our future together. Which really re-affirmed for BOTH of us how strong we feel about our fitness/adventure lifestyle and the dietary and workout decisions we have made as a couple. 

I ate all of this. What's up.
It's also a great reminder when we attend group events like these WHY we made some of our choices. People tend to be curious about our diets, and it's awesome to either be supported, or just have the opportunity to 'stand your ground' on your health choices with those who disagree or think it's silly.
awkwardly holding styrofoam cups

the cookie bar that I managed to avoid through sheer willpower

Either way,  the wedding was LOVELY and we were still able to LOAD our plates up with more healthy stuff than we can imagine and dance away under the stars at night...

...which are big and bright, deep in the Heart of Texas.
Be well xx
The eyes of Texas are upon you...

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