Yum Review: Quest 'Pastabilities'

A few months ago I wrote a review of one of our staple fitness bars, Quest. 

Just recently they released a new healthy food option, it's called "Pastabilities". Basically it's Quest's take on noodles. Which sounds like a blessing for those of us who try not to over-do it on the carbs.
Of course when I saw this, I immediately wanted to fill a trough full of them and eat until I threw up. And then have more.

But then I started thinking... What if it IS too good to be true? I was determined to find out. I ordered two packages of the Spinach Fettuccine and decided to make a pesto and vegetable pasta. Terrence and I decided to be very objective about this. It couldn't be "okay, for a pasta substitute" it had to be REALLY TASTY. 

So, what'd we think?

Well, I decided since my pasta was 'spinach' I would add some other green veggies, (and purple asparagus, incidentally). The veggies and pesto were fantastic, (of course they were, I made them) as for the noodles, I will give you the male and the female perspective.
Terrence: The texture is really weird. The noodles taste like rubber bands. Alex keeps making other disgusting comments about them as I eat, and it leaves me wishing we just ate the vegetables. I asked Alex in the middle of dinner, "Hey is there anymore of this in the kitchen?" and when she said no, I was relieved, and that has never happened before. When we finally finished, all I could think was "never again". 

Alex: As I was eating this, I kept remembering Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom and that scene where they are supposed to eat monkey brains. I was thinking, so THIS is what monkey brains would taste like. The texture was weird. I can't think of anyone who would actually want to eat these. I mean, if you have ever had a real noodle before, then there's no way you'd choose to eat this. Every mouthful was a struggle, the mantra in my mind was " I can't believe I'm still actually eating this" So, yeah. Not a fan. 

Don't get me wrong, I love Quest Bars. But perhaps, growing up an Italian girl, and Terrence's Dad being a chef at their family restaurant, maybe we're a little food snobby. Either way, I would stick with Quest's delicious bars and treats, and skip the noodles.   

Has anyone else tried these? Am I way off base? 
Eat FIt xx

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