Around HTown//FPSF 2013

So this past weekend we had Free Press Summer Festival here in Houston, TX.  And we had a pretty sweeeeeet lineup:

Day 1 was so hot. I mean, HOT. It was literally unbearable. People were collapsing left and right and having to be taken to medical. Terrence and I made sure to keep hydrated CONSTANTLY. We were also on the lookout for the healthiest food options (which was pretty difficult amid fried everything, bbq and corn dogs) but we eventually found some yummy vegetarian street tacos with black beans, cactus, avocado salsa and they were gluten and dairy free. Score. 
getting my hydration on

Passion Pit

Matt and Kim

I'll be honest. I'm not that hip. For a lot of the bands playing, I only knew like 1 or 2 songs. My big draws to the festival were The Arctic Monkeys and Calvin Harris. However, I was bowled over by how amazing Matt and Kim were live. INCREDIBALLS. I really liked the Passion Pit performance...And also was underwhelmed by Macklemore. (can we say Mackle-less?) 

All in all, it was a hot, sweaty reminder of how my tastes have changed. I went to Austin City Limits a few years ago, and thought it was the bomb squad... but this time around I was waking up early to grab a morning workout, not drinking so that I could grab a run when we got home, and thinking that my idea of a good time is drinking a glass of wine on the couch. Ha! 

So, good people watching, some great and not-so-great bands and some memories with the sexiest man in Houston (Terrence, duh)... a damn fine weekend if I say so myself. 
Live Well xx

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