Mama Mia!

Yesterday my Mom left Texas. She came down to visit for about a week and now she has gone back to Michigan, and I probably won't see her for another year.

While she was here though, she served as a reminder and a motivation to keep working out, keep eating healthy and stay active.

Every day that she was here we went for at least a 2 mile walk. Then she accompanied me to the gym and either walked on the treadmill, or did some light lifting. My mother isn't a newbie, but she does have arthritis,  tendonitis, carpal tunnel and a full thickness tear in her rotator cuff. So basically, she's a badass for continuing to be active. And she looks like a fox.

Except for wanting a dessert for every meal, she also makes it easy for my to keep on my diet. She always is looking for veggies, fruits, juices and delights in trying new things.

I feel proud to have such a great role model for a mother and also to be raised by someone who takes good care of her appearance. Not that appearances are that important, but it does show how much my mom values and respects herself that she keeps moving, exploring and taking pride in her health.

Be fit! xx

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