MMBB Guest Post: Why I Rock the Gym

 As you may know, I usually work out solo or maybe with a buddy. I asked my friend Brandi from Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno to explain why she feels that working out with a group at Washington Gym here in Houston, TX. Enjoy!!

Top 10 why I love Training at WG
1. I look forward to seeing all my friends at the gym for the social aspect.
2. They have set times so I am forced to work it into my day and go 3 times a week.
3. I have 3 personal trainers busting my ass and correcting my form.
4. I have my group (lean) and we all encourage eachother on those rough days.
5. Even though its not a competition you push yourself harder when working out in a group, I sprint harder, row faster...
6. They run challenges which I actually stick with since you have accountability and measurements.
7. I don't have to come up with my own workout because the work out is always on the board.
8. You see results on yourself, and in the gym- so it's even more motivation to keep up the good work.
9. The workouts always change so you don't get bored, and your body doesn't plateau.
10. Everyone shares healthy recipes with each other so our food doesn't get boring.

To me, there's only 3 good things about Working Out Alone.
1. You decide when your work out it, so you don't have to work out early
2. You don't have to leave your home (dvd)
3. You can listen to your ipod on a good long run and zone out

I prefer group workouts because I get burnt out really easy with working out on my own. I get bored, unmotivated, I don't really like to come up with my own workouts, I slack a bit, and I get super distracted (phone, tv, cat, husband)

Other group activities that I partake in:
Hot Yoga
Rock Climbing



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