We're Still Havin' Fun//You're Still the One

Yesterday I had more to celebrate than just earning my yoga certification. I also celebrated one year of being Terrence's wife.

I am so incredibly grateful to have a husband who is as supportive of my fitness goals, my writing commitments, (not to mention all the pictures he has to take for this blog). It was HIS IDEA that I quit my job and pursue writing and fitness. He makes me laugh, he motivates me, he sees me for who I am. For all of that, ( and more), I am a better, happier more loving person. 

I am not really into weddings, but saying "I DO" one year ago was the best thing that has ever happened to me. Not because I define myself by my husband,but because of the new ways we define ourselves, as a result of being uplifted and supported by one another. 

Every goal I have reached, every obstacle overcame, every memory made has been sweeter because he has been with me through it all. 

And come on, if you can't be corny on your wedding anniversary... when can you?

Wishing you all  support, love and FUN in your relationships and in your lives. 
Be Amazing, xx

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