A Very Shallow Post About Las Vegas

Today, Terrence, our two friends Ryan and Stephanie, and I departed on a jetplane for Las Vegas, NV for the 4th of July.

Usually Terrence and I have already gone on a summer trip by now, but this year, since we scheduled things a bit differently, we find ourselves Houston-cabin-feverish and READY for a break.

But when I looked up the local weather for Las Vegas, I flipped OUT.

Terrence said, "it's a dry heat". And all I could think was that dry or not, 115 degrees is really flipping hot. 

I mean, I knew I had packed a lot of bikinis and swimsuit coverups as clothes, but C'MON!

Anyways, this trip is totally shallow, and for me is very based on aesthetics. I KNOW there is multitudes more to health than 'looking good' but, for me, this trip was,and has been, a huge motivator to go to the gym, to run, to stretch it all out in yoga, to drink tons of water, to eat healthy...basically to do all of the things I knew I should be doing anyway. And that might make me kind of shallow to care that much about how I will look in my swimsuit, but so be it. 

Of course I have other reasons for getting into shape (duh). But I do think there is no harm in using these completely physical reasons as inspiration for getting my butt in gear.

So, for sun safety and overall style my heaping bag is filled with 3 swimsuits, 2 sundresses, 2 swimsuit coverups, 2 pairs of heels,2 pairs of sandals, a pool bag, 1 pair of shorts, 3 rompers (1 dressy, 2 casual) 2 scandalous dresses (which for me just means really tight. I guess I'm not THAT scandalous), assorted pajamas and a hat.

Our travel snacks:

All that will need to be added to this bag is my kindle, my toiletries, and my 'going out' clutch.

My goals for the trip:
-Eat the healthiest foods available
-Dance whenever I can
-Kiss Terrence Constantly

Hope you all have a happy and safe 4th! (Or for my European friends, have a wonderful week!)
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