Behind the Scenes:::Living Proof Photo Shoot

Last month, Miranda from Living Proof Gear invited me to take part in a photoshoot. I was beyond pumped.

Although, truth be told, I am not model material. Not as a put down of myself, but in all honesty.  I am just too new with the whole approving of my own body thing to be all that comfortable or responsible for it. In other words, I don't realize what it's doing most of the time. I lack body awareness. And...really my only face is uber smiley face, which thus far has worked for me.

So, I'm not a professional model (by any means) but I had a great time representing one of my favorite companies on the planet. It was also a great learning experience in developing awareness over my muscles and limbs and made me consider not only the power my body has physically, but aesthetically as well.

Just another opportunity to thank my body for all that it does for me. And motivation to continue pushing myself ever harder.

Be Living Proof!

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