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So, by nature Terrence and I are NOT what you would call 'party animals'. In fact, we don't go out very much and generally do not drink at all during the week.

But, this year, we decided to do Vegas for Independence Day, and we needed to go big. And for us,  going BIG means making better muscles in the gym. As shallow as it might be, we have used Vegas over the past few weeks (months, really) as a BIG motivator to be in great swimsuit shape for all of the pool parties.

Vegas is not the easiest place to stay on track though. The food is great, the sun is hot, and generally the atmosphere promotes fun and laziness. We did our best to make good decisions and support each other though.
Here's some photos of our fit (mostly)family vacation.

How did y'all spend the 4th?
Stay motivated! xx

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