::A Writer's Life for Me::

When I started this blog back in January, it was because I wanted to write more and explore different ideas, theories and studies related to fitness. I also wanted a place to discuss travel, relationships, fashion...basically anything that touches on the things I am interested in for my own life.

What I didn't reckon on was that the writing itself would be the source of greatest pleasure (and frustration) to me. But, I'm glad. I hadn't written a whole lot since college, and getting back into it reminded me of WHY I had majored in English in the first place.  the neverending cash flow associated with an English degree.. that was a joke...No, because I LOVE it)

Last week, when I got the copies of MY book from the publisher, I was overwhelmed. I was holding in my hands, a book that would not exist if I hadn't created it. It was like a tiny, perfect baby. And I knew for sure, that this was what I needed to do. The messages from my friends and strangers that had read it were so supportive and wonderful that it told me I had found my "calling".
Now, great for me, but what does all this mean for you?

Some takeaways for everyone:
1. In yoga we talk about the concept of "dharma" or purpose. They say that if you make a list of your talents and then make a list of the ways that you like expressing your talents... and then you combine those and put them into the world, then you are creating abundance. When you express your talents with humanity then you find your own purpose. For me-writing. For you? Who knows! Write down a list of your talents, and then make a list of the way you express them.

2. Not all of your talents/purpose have to be your entire life or career. If one of your talents is athleticism and you express it in tennis... maybe you could teach kids tennis or a friend, or whatever. Putting your talent out in the world and expressing it to benefit others is fulfilling your purpose. Does that make sense?

3. Don't worry about being the best. A lot of people write, a lot of people blog, a lot of people play sports, or paint or whatever. If you put your own talent, no matter what level it is out there... not only will you be fulfilled you will help to fill others.

Simple stuff. Create your own happiness by doing things you already like, and sharing them with people who want them.
Thank you for supporting me in my dream, seriously.
Again- you can buy my book here on Kindle
Or, HERE in paperback
And please, por favor, per favore, tell me what you think!
Namaste Y'all!

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