D I N N E R///Tapas Style

Last week while shopping at our local Trader Joe's, I stumbled upon some Spanish "Tapas Cheese". It simply 3 stacks of fancy cheese triangles that would be appropriate for serving with tapas.

So I decided to give myself a night off of cooking and arrange a little tapas night at our house. I cut up some fresh farmer's market cucumbers, threw in some carrots for color, mixed together hummus and albacore tuna for a healthier tuna salad, pulled out the crackers, busted out some pumpernickel pretzels and mustard aioli  and, voila! 

I figured it was easy, but what I didn't plan on was how excited Terrence would be. He came in from his work out to find that spread, and he acted as if we were in a fancy restaurant. He kept stopping and saying "This is good. Like really good. We should do this more often". Terrence is very complimentary of my cooking, but this was different. It was like... the meal made him happy.

And why not? Tapas are fun. There's something about making your own plate, dipping things and just eating basics that IS exciting. 
So, it's Friday. Have some fun with dinner this weekend. Food is not your enemy-- it's what fuels your amazing body. 
Eat well, xx.

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