RAWXIE Hearts///The Name on Everybody's Lips

Last month, my friend Amber from Hoot-n-Annie Blog and I did a healthy food swap. She sent me AMAZING local stuff from her Whole Foods in Kansas City, and I sent her some snack that were pretty incredi-balls too. We were both surprised by the cool stuff that our local stores carried, that weren't yet in ALL of the stores. 

One of the goodies she sent me was this cookie/health bar called "rawxies". They are raw, vegan, gluten free, soy free snacks that taste--fantastic. She only sent me the chocolate mint flavor though, and after devouring both heart-shaped cookies, I was immediately online trying to figure out where I could get more. They weren't in my Whole Foods yet, and so I emailed the owner, Callalily England (is that a beautiful name or what? Can't get over it) and she very sweetly sent me all the flavors and reusable grocery bag to boot. 

And, while Amber knows me best, because the chocolate mint WAS my favorite, the other flavors were fantastic too. I was really impressed with how filling it was for how light it seemed. I also dig that they are raw, I have seen some other bars (Like Austin's Thunderbird Energetica) getting in on this raw movement, and I love the companies that are doing this. 
Healthy snacks that don't necessarily taste like a granola bar are always a nice change of pace because I'm happier eating foods that taste YUMMY vs healthy, and when they can be both, double score. 
Check out Callie's blog and website to order some for yourself. If you're like me and don't live in Kansas City, you can order these bad boys direct to your house. R A W X I E S

Snack on something gooood, xx
PS... anyone else get the whole "Chicago, Roxie Hart" reference? I'm not sure if that's what Callie was going for when she named them "Rawxie" and shaped them like hearts... but I like to think so. 

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