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Just like I have goals for most aspects of my life, I definitely set goals for travel. In fact, some people workout to compete in shows, or marathons or whatever.

Terrence and I? We keep in shape so that we will live longer and get to see more of this great big beautiful Earth. 

Terrence has limited time off, but we go to Europe once a year, and we do 2 or 3 things in North/Central/South America.  So.... not too shabby, but also not the amount of trips we would like to go on. 

Our goals for travelling usually look like this:
--Make at least one good friend
--See the sights that are most important to us
--Take time to just sit and relax
--Eat reallllllly well

And that usually results in some very good trips. Overall, of all of the places we have been in, it is always the people, the food and the moments where we are just resting and looking at the beauty around us that we remember the most. 
Travel is something that can be expensive, but it makes you richer in spirit--and that's a sound investment. 

So what's next on the ticket? Well, we go back to Traverse City, MI in September to visit my family (and to see one of the most beautiful places in the WORLD), we are going to Napa for Christmas, and then next year we are returning to the Amalfi Coast to see our dear friends, and then going on to Florence, Tuscany and Venice to make new ones too. 
After that? We'll probably squeeze in some more good stuff to fill out the year.
Got any good trips planned? Any goals that you stick to make a trip successful or more fun?
Wander, xx

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