::Current Uniform::

As I discussed in a much older post, one of the best ways to enjoy the body you build through exercise is to put some normal clothes on it... and have a good time.

Terrence and I loved our time in Michigan, and more than ever we are ready for slightly cooler fall temperatures. (Let's face it, Houston is ridiculous).

So currently we've been rocking some longer pants, sweet kicks and our favorite accessories.
Not quite sweater weather, but close enough for us.
And, may I add, that when we were getting ready for this little photo shoot...Terrence stopped me as I was getting ready and said,
"don't wear make-up or do you hair. You don't need to"
So, here I am world! How could I say no when he asked me like that? Embrace your own beauty, and live your own style.
Be comfortable, xx
Top Pictures-->On Alex: top: American Apparel//cords:urban outfitters// shoes:Nisolo//jewelry:Fierce ForwardBueno Shop and Mana Culture
On Terrence: shirt:JCrew//slacks:AllSaints//shoes:Nisolo//jewelry: Bueno Shop and handmade necklace
Bottom Pics--> On Alex: dress:used to be a tablecloth//boots:Old West//necklace: austin art fair
On Terrence: shirt: urban outfitters//jeans: bkle//boots:ariat

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