Lake Michigan:::Summer's End

Though it was pretty chilly for a large amount of time that we were in Traverse City this past Labor Day weekend, we did get ONE gorgeous beach day.
And it was perfect.
Not too hot, but not too windy. Just the right amount of heat without being stifling (Houston climate, take note) It was another opportunity that I was proud of my family, because my family... knows how to have fun at the beach.
Footballs, nerf footballs, two different frisbees, headstands/handstands.. we were a whir of movement from beginning to end.
We were swimming and driving and throwing and getting inverted as much as possible. My Dad never lets up. As soon as you think one activity is over, another is just beginning, with hardly any time to "sun". (but, I definitely got a better tan being active than I would have on the sand).
It reminded me of being little, when we used to play all the same games at the beach, and it served as a reminder of how important it is to never stop moving. Terrence and I were smiling and laughing ear-to-ear the entire time and I remembered just how much fun we can have together. An easy thing to forget when we both are so busy, busy, busy and nervous and tense from all the things we have to do.
It's important to take time to just be silly and to play together.
So, cut loose. Be a little weird, get out of your comfort zone and have a goofy blast with someone you care about. And go to the beach whenever possible.
Get weird, xx

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