One of our favorite street signs from our travels. We wanna see the best ones from your hometowns!

In Michigan a few weeks ago, as we were riding our bikes around the city... I had an idea.

I told Terrence I thought we should pick a street, like "Main St." or "6th St" and then everywhere we visited we should take a picture in front of it.
He was thoughtful for a moment, and as we coasted along, he turned to me finally and replied,
"I like that idea, but I think it'd be better if other people were involved."

When I asked him to elaborate he explained, that while "Front St." might be the place to be in Traverse City, and "6th St" might be a big deal in Austin, that the importance of a street really depended on what city you were in. Then his genius came through, because he suggested that it would be much easier if I enlisted my readers to help.

So here's the pitch. We love to travel, and we do it as often as we can. But... we'll never get everywhere, and even if we did go to all of the cities and towns we could.. the people that live there know them best.  
We would love to show off the cities you live in. Send us a picture of you/your significant other and yourself/you and your dog whatever in front of the street that you think most exemplifies your city. The street that contains the most of your town's soul. And then give us a sentence or two about why that street is important to you.

- Make sure you take the picture where the street sign is visible
-It can be serious/posed/funny/fun/ or candid
You can either......
Send all photos to me at mrsalexnolan{at}gmail{dot}com by September 30th. I will put them all in a post going up October 1st.  
OR Hashtag them on Instagram with #NolandiaStreets
Terrence and I will be contributing our favorite street in Houston too... as soon as we figure out how to choose one!
I am hoping that this will be a fun way to get a glimpse into some places that I and my readers haven't been to, or some places that we have been to... but maybe we missed out on that specific street and it's awesomeness. Or maybe... we already know and love that street and it gives us an opportunity to connect with someone else that shares our affinity.
Let's connect and show off our cities!
Live well, xx

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