P L O W ::: Halasana

Plow pose is one of my favorite inversions. It's not as ridiculous as shoulder stand/headstand/handstands so I feel safe having all of my yoga students do this pose. Putting people up into headstand who have never done yoga before can be risky business, and so plow is a creative way to turn their world's upside down and change their perspective without as much risk of injury (injury is SO un-yoga)

Halasana calms the brain, stimulates thyroid gland and abdominal organs, it's therapeutic for headache and backache, reduces stress, and provides a stretch for the shoulders and spine.

One of my favorite things about halasana is how easy it is to get into, you literally just throw your legs up over your head and then reach up and grab your toes with your fingers. A lot of time you will see halasana with hands down by the the sides, pointing the opposite direction from the feet... but I like it better grabbing toes. It helps me focus more on the movement and the stretch.

So try it out, get inverted. Best way to change your mind is to change your body around, force yourself to look at things a little differently.
Namaste Y'all!
Reference:Yoga Journal: Plow

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