Pick a Place///Pick a Memory

Terrence and I love to play this game we call, "Pick a place, name the memories".
We pick a place, it could be anywhere...our back porch, Paris, the beach in Amalfi, the tram in Amsterdam, Pyramid Point Traverse City, Flint Michigan, his parent's restaurant in San Angelo (The Wharf), the pool at our apartment complex, the Whole Foods Wine bar, whatever... we pick a place and name our favorite two memories from that place.

Because the place can be very broad or very specific, it can take a lot of thinking. Sometimes what was really a bad memory at the time, (say, walking down a coastal highway in Southern Italy at 2am, with no streetlights and cars whizzing by about to knock us into the Mediterranean) can become a favorite once it has marinated in our minds a little bit.

It's not just about revisiting the past, it's also about planning future trips, setting goals for our travel, and making each other laugh, smile, fall in love all over again in the moment.

Try this game with someone who you've spent a lot of time with, and you might be surprised by what you hear.
The pictures above are some of my favorite memories from places... although my favorite memories aren't ever caught on camera because we were both too busy having a good laugh or smooching to remember that we even had a camera.
Where will you go next? xx

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