:::Rockin' Out:::

Recently my friend Josh came down to Michigan for a visit, and to me, that was the perfect opportunity to try out Texas Rock Gym. I had been talking to my friend Bueno Brandi about going for a long time, but our schedules never seemed to sync. So when MR. Fitness came to town... I had my excuse.
I assumed that it was going to be tough, but... I had no idea. It was a humbling experience. The first couple of times I attempted the wall... it was a piece of cake. Scrambled right up to the top...thank you very much.
But after two hours of climbing, we both realized each other's strengths and weaknesses. Josh definitely had a solid, strong upper body, and so pulling himself up the rock wasn't an issue. But after a while, I really had to rely on my greater flexibility (from yoga) and my leg strength to get myself up that darned wall.
The staff was amazing. They were helpful and great for taking pictures, giving advice, talking us through our more difficult climbs and all were extremely knowledgeable about technique/strategy/safety. We definitely felt like we were in good hands there.
They also offer crossfit, tai chi, and yoga at their facility, which to me seemed like a good mix of skills that would lend one to be a better/stronger climber.
All in all, it was an incredible way to spend our morning. My muscles ached in places that I didn't know were places, I challenged myself, I got to work out with a friend and most importantly, rock climbing gave me a REAL gauge of my workout progress. The results of my hard work aren't just in how I look, they are in the things my body is able to do.
If you live in Houston, check out Texas Rock Gym -- it's near the Memorial Mall. If you don't, check facilities to see if you have a rock wall near you. Worth checking out, and Terrence and I are planning a return trip--since he had to miss out on the fun.
Climb higher, xx

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