TELEPORT: Channeling an Autumn in Paris

Maybe it's because we've watched Midnight in Paris too many times, maybe it's that we miss the city of love and didn't spend long enough in March, maybe we just have the travel bug, or perhaps it has something to do with the book I am writing being set in the 20s/30s, but for whatever reason, the combination of these things has Terrence and I in a full on frenzy for all things French.

I've been making French dishes (stay tuned for a healthed-up cassoulet recipe in a week or two), we've been drinking French wine, we've been watching every History channel documentary we can find on youtube that has shots of Versailles, listening to vintage French music, and... we've found ourselves dressing a little Franc-a-fied. (And though it's in English, the song below always takes me back to Paris)

And since we can't actually make the trip out there, (Terrence's limited vacation days are unfortunately, either all used or spoken for) We have been perfectly happy (well, moderately pleased) to bring some of our version of French fashion to the Bayou City.

The days are getting slightly colder, the leaves have begun to fall, not in the vibrant decadence of Autumn that you see in Paris, but they are falling nonetheless, and so it becomes even easier to pretend we are somewhere else.
 My favorite thing about French fashion? It's style and beauty comes from it's simplicity. Clean lines, handsome silhouettes, pops of color, limited make-up, and confidence. 

C'est bon!
On Alex: Dress:Dorothy Perkins//Flats:Lucky Brand//Necklace:Mana Culture
On Terrence: T-Shirt: Threads for Thought//Pants:All Saints//Scarf:Etsy//Socks:American Apparel//Shoes:Nisolo

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