Traverse City:::Cherry Capital

veggies from Dad's garden
Basil, and tomatoes grown 10 feet out the door.

a  hike through the woods

woodpile at the cidery

Tandem Ciders

All cidered out

Traverse City State Hospital

Building 50

On Tuesday we returned to Houston from our trip in Traverse City. It was beautiful, wonderful, marvelous, fun and exhausting!
We spent time picking fresh tomatoes, basil, eggplant, carrots and peppers from my parent's garden and then eating all kinds of fresh meals with them. We spent every day doing exercise. One day it was an hour  hike through the woods, the next it was an hour hike and hours of swimming in Lake Michigan (which gets it's own post!), the next day it was a 4 mile run downtown and then a 4 mile bike back up the hill. And finally... we ended with a 40 mile bike ride from Traverse City to Sutton's Bay and alllll the way back. 

We were definitely exhausted. But, I am proud to come from a family that stays so active. (Terrence and I found ourselves fighting to keep up with my ridiculously fit Dad and Stepmom. Definitely something to aspire to!) But, it was a nice change of pace too. It felt good to be up and challenging our bodies in ways we don't have the opportunity to at home. 

And, we got to spend time at my favorite winery, Black Star Farms and check out the coolest hard cider place around, Tandem Ciders. We ate delicious Lake Michigan fish like walleye and perch and generally just had a wonderful time. 

It wasn't all workouts and wine though. I was also on location at the former Traverse City State Hospital, which was a sanitarium, doing research for my next book, a psychological thriller set in the now defunct hospital. I've been doing a lot of research for it, but getting to revisit the site that initially inspired the book sent chills of excitement through me. It's an eerie place, even though they have converted the building into cheerful shops and lofts. To me, though, and Terrence, there is a pervading feeling of spooky haunting that made me feel absolutely sure I had chosen the right setting. 

How was your Labor Day? Did you eat some great stuff? Get in some good swimming?
Hope your labor day was labor free,
Be well, xx

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