Currently Digging//Autumn Food Edition

I know, I know, I have written about fall foods already... but I've found some really tasty things lately, and my mother taught me to share.
I have been needing some easy, quick things for dinner, or for relaxing during the day.  I have been finishing my second book! and so have been uber busy/stressed/excited. (more on the the book in a few days!)

I am hopelessly devoted to Whole Foods Market. It's true. I definitely would be considered a "regular" at my local store. I know the majority of the employees by name, and a few I would definitely consider friends. 
But, alas, this is not a Whole Foods post, because, although I may visit it's hallowed ground weekly, the majority of our shopping is done at Trader Joe's. It's cheaper, they have great products, our local store is  INSIDE A VINTAGE MOVIE THEATER, and the employees wear Hawaiian shirts, so...yeah. Unbeatable. 
One thing Trader Joe's does with gusto is promote their seasonal products, and BOY, do they have my number. They could sell me a cinnamon flavored pickle. They also know how to reel me in with the free samples. If it tastes good, and is vegetarian, you better believe that it's in my cart. (Much to Terrence's chagrin). So, I have included for your mouth's salivating enjoyment, my current digs from TJ's. 

Spelt Risotto
Ok, so this was one of those free-samples-that-led-to-purchase. It's cheesy, yummy and vegetable-y. Once it gets to be fall, cold weather or not, I am always digging the comfort foods. It was $3.29, it's a full pound of food, and it feeds Terrence and I both. Because of the chickpeas and spelt it is REALLY filling (carbs/protein) and it has just enough of a cheesy taste to make it delicious, without being too fatty. If you eat meat, adding a little chicken, turkey or pork to this would probably be incredible. 

Harvest Blend Herbal Tea
OMGOMGOMG. This is my new can't-live-without tea. I picked it up on a whim, (or should I say common sense? LOOK at that FOX drinking TEA!) The box says it is a blend of "cinnamon, ginger, hibiscus, chamomile, roasted chicory, orange peel and apple" Umm, yeah. Y'all can keep your pumpkin spiced crack cocaine from Startbucks, I'll stick with this 0-calorie herbal alternative.

Rosemary Marcona Almonds
Let's get this straight. Marcona almonds and all other almonds are not equal. Marcona Almonds>Almonds. Terr and I fell in love with these little darlings in Italy at a wine bar. They are oilier (and probably have a lot more fat) than regular almonds, but they also have more of the "almond" taste to them. They are more expensive than the california variety, but to me? So worth it. (And they are way cheaper at Trader Joe's than at most specialty stores). In fact, to be honest, I didn't want to include these on the blog... because I am selfish and wanted all of them for myself. (good thing I stocked up before I wrote this.)

So, these are the treats I am currently in love with. Have you found anything amazing at your grocery store recently?
Eat well, xx

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