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It's sorta kinda officially fall. Autumn. Whatever. Here in Houston, some days it feels cool and crisp and delicious (for like an hour) and other days it's sweaty, humid, nasty swamp soup. That being said, since we are firmly in October I am going to take this week and make it...A WEEK OF ALLITERATION. Yup.  So today will be my favorite fall fashion, tomorrow favorite fall foods, wednesday favorite fall fitness and Friday will be favorite fall films. Whew! That's a lot of Fs, and we didn't use my favorite.

I like clothes. But, I wouldn't call myself the most fashionable girl around. My outfits are always really basic, I usually forget to accessorize, and if I find something I like I buy it in all colors so I can just wear it every day. Basically my fall wardrobe is a revolving door of v-necks, large sweaters, skinny jeans or leggings, flowy tanks and scarves.

I'm very big on layering. Growing up in Michigan, the temperatures changed a lot. You could wake up in the morning and it would be 45 degrees, by noon it was 85 and then it was in the 30s by 7pm. Crazy.  It's kind of the same here in Houston, only less dramatic. But I still make sure I always have layers so that I  can cover, uncover, and remain comfortable. 

The two biggest things I love for fall is infinity scarves and ballet flats. Nothing crazy or life changing here, but I think they are huge fall staples and the biggest way I change up my very basic outfits. First, the infinity scarf because it is so versatile for wrapping, draping or becoming a makeshift shawl. Changing up colors and prints can change your outfit from day to night. Secondly, flats. Boots are great and I love them... but for the errands and amount of walking I'm doing in autumn, I find that my flats are more comfortable, practical and they don't get my feet all sweaty and gross. (Especially an issue here in Houston.)

sweater:Victoria's Secret//leggings:American Apparel//tank:Urban Outfitters//infinity scarf: Ross//flats:Victoria's Secret//sunnies:Tory Burch
Jewelry::: rings & necklace:The Bueno Shop //bracelet:local Houston artist//studs: purchased in Amalfi, IT
Be comfy, xx

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