Happy Halloween from Nolandia

Just a quick post to wish you a Happy Halloween. I have been crazy busy/excited to receive the proof of my book from my publishers. (It will be ready to order NEXT WEEK!) We have been taking some time this week to watch scary movies, carve pumpkins, roasted pumpkin seeds and have generally had a pretty spooky time.
We  hope that whenever/however you celebrate the holiday that you:
 1. have at least a little  good candy at some point
2. That you have forced your eyelids open and watched AT LEAST 1 scary movie...or a vampire movie. (Did someone say Twilight Marathon at our house? Yup. It's happening!)
3. That you had a silly-fun time. Whether it's scary movie watching, handing out candy to kids, taking your own sweet babies out to trick or treat, or grinding on some strange at a bar to a terrible "Thriller" remix, have a good time.
I will leave you with some darling Halloween cartoons!
Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

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