Sweet, Sweet Paris

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post featuring some of the ways Terrence and I are full on crushing on all things Paris. Teleport: Channeling an Autumn in Paris. A friend of mine messaged me on facebook after reading and said he was surprised we hadn't taken the pictures at the crêperie, Sweet Paris here in Houston. 

Well, we hadn't taken our shots there, BECAUSE WE DIDN'T KNOW IT EXISTED! You can bet that the first weekend we were available then, that we rectified that. And ohhhh, boy are we glad we did!

It was especially meaningful to us, a week or so ago when we made our visit, because we had just booked our hotel for Paris next May. So, obviously the perfect place to celebrate our next year's trip was some place French. 
We walked in and were immediately greeted by the song below. Which was...basically the sound that French angels make. I don't care if loving Amelie is kitschy. It's a good movie, and for Americans near and far, it is the epitome of French life.

We each surveyed the menu and decided to have a savory crepe, I chose the ham and gruyere, (but WITHOUT ham) it was just as good though, served with dijon mustard, bechamel, and oregano. Terrence had the "Nordic" which had lemon, scallions and salmon. We then split a nutella and strawberry crepe for dessert. It was just as good as it sounds like it would be. I mean, slap nutella on an old tire and we'd all probably eat it, so putting it on a thin pancake isn't rocket science. The whole meal was  not too expensive,  we received great service and we both agreed during the meal that this restaurant demanded repeat visits. It also gave us an opportunity to reminisce about our last trip to Paris, and to formulate our list of "must-dos" for this next trip in May. 
We love finding places here in Houston that we never knew about. We are very fortunate that our city has such a vibrant restaurant scene, so that we never have to worry about being food bored ever again.
If you're in the area, get you some tutte suite. Or if you ever plan to visit, don't miss it. 
C'est bon!

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