this is the creepy setting for my new novel

My book is finally up on the publisher's website, and is now up on Amazon.  
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One of my faithful readers will have the opportunity to WIN a copy for free.
First, a little about the book.
The blurb on the back reads,

"A Crime, a Memory, a Friend, a Life: All Forgotten. 
A broken young woman finds herself lodged in the wilds of a Northern Michigan asylum. Separated from the life she had known in Chicago, she grieves alone after a beloved friend has been murdered. 
Through electric shock treatments, hydrotherapy, and strange visitors, she tries to piece back together the life she once had--the life she almost remembers. 
Before she can answer the questions about her own past, however, she will have to delve into the tragedy that brought her there in the first place. Only then can she divine why the ghostly presence of her friend continues to haunt her."

I am very proud of this work, of all of the extra steps it went through, and the extra eyes that gave it a look over. I am proud of the themes and believe them to be important. 

It was born from two different ideas. First, after numerous heart-to-heart talks with friends over the years, I realized that sexual relations without consent is much more widespread than we realize. I would imagine 1 in 4 of the women I interact with has had a damaging sexual experience, whether it be rape or some other physical/emotional form of trauma. Myself included. I began to research how rape and sex crimes have been viewed over the years and centuries past. And I wasn't surprised, by what  I found, but I was still alarmed. In many ways, the raw emotional damage was as unresolved then as it still is today. 

The second concept I wanted to explore, was the history of the Traverse City State Hospital (Asylum). I showed Terrence the asylum on our last visit up to Traverse City (where my father and stepmom live) and he had made a comment about the heavy, sad feeling he got just from being near the place. It begged the question, "Can places hold on to the memories of those that lived there?"

So there you have it. A spooky book set in a spooky asylum. 

I can't WAIT for you to read it. 

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One winner will be chosen on Friday, and more information from the book will be released. Thank you so much for your support!

Best of luck!

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