Let Me Tell You 'Bout My BEST FRIEND

JUST engaged

I love today. Today, 27 years ago, my husband was born. He's the coolest guy I know, and I'm not just biased because we're married. He really is incredible.

For one thing, he is unbelievably kind. He always strives to make everyone around him feel included and welcome. I'm not very good at this, so I really admire it in other people. He isn't loud, or boasting, or overly friendly either. Just truly kind. He is sincere. I think these qualities are disappearing, and so for him to exemplify them consistently is refreshing. It brings me joy to see him interact with others, knowing they are probably falling in love with him a little bit because of his goodness.

He has superhuman intelligence. He is SO smart. He knows everything. Well, all the things I want to know, anyway. He can explain how television works, and complex mathematical theorems. He can discuss easily the differences and pros and cons of AC and DC electrical current. He will extoll the virtues of Nikola Tesla over those of Thomas Edison. We discuss philosophy and theologies the way I used to discuss cookies and brownies. He is a marvel.

He is a musician. Music pours from his fingers and seems to course through his body. He is never more alive than when he is creating a new track, or when his fingers dance across the keys of the piano. He is animated by music. It seems to come from him rather than through him.

He is strong and believes in his health. He is the king juicer of the world. If it is a vegetable, it will be juiced. He lifts, he runs, he climbs, he jumps, we play tennis, we play tag, we hike,we bike, we kayak. (we may or may not complain about these things as we get tired…)

He is the greatest travel companion that ever was. He loves to see, explore, discover, make friends, experience, eat, visit museums. He likes to travel the same way I do, (which is important) we like to stay in one area for a long time. We DON'T like going to many places in one trip. We like to become part of the community. We like to be invited out by the locals. We like our local friends to be able to say "come up to this place next Friday for a party" and we are able to say "HELL YES!" instead of, "Well, actually we will be in a different city by then, but thanks." Quality not quantity.

Finally, he loves our animals. He works hard to provide for our family. He has supported (from the beginning) my dream to be a writer. He believes in me. He reads my manuscripts. He tells me which parts are good and bad. He shows me how to write male characters that are strong and kind and good. He does this by being himself.

He's also generous. 2 years ago today, he shared his birthday to ask me to be his wife at Pat O'Brien's in New Orleans. He paid heaps of dollars (we still have no idea how much) for the pianist to play "I Want You Back (You're All I Ever Wanted)" by NSYNC so that he could propose. He said that "being engaged to me was the best birthday present he could imagine". I love that man.
(Here, in case you forgot the POETRY that IS that song)

So, if by some miracle you read this, understand that I am thankful. Understand that if you have someone you can wax poetic about then you're lucky. Understand that marriage isn't always beautiful and wonderful and fun, but if you admire, respect and adore your mate then it gets you through the boring, the painful and the fights.
You're the best friend I've ever had, truly. Not just in a marriage kind of way. Like, if we weren't married I would want to be roommates anyway just so we could hang out all the time. (So being married is better because you're not supposed to make out with your roommate or be in love with them)

Happy Birthday, love of my life.

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