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A while back, I called out for my readers to send me a picture of them in front of their favorite street in their city. I thought it would be the perfect way for us armchair explorers to connect and "travel" to new places and see the streets that mean the most to the people that live there. Link to Original Post: MY CITY//MY STREETS

Honestly, I got A LOT of people telling me they wanted to do it. Facebook messages, emails, Instagram comments…. the thing is only a handful of people actually took the time to take the picture and write up the blurb.
So, I am going to present them one at a time, in hopes that it will inspire more of y'all to send me your pics!

First up, my dear friend Annmaree, whom I met on vacation in Italy years ago. She's a kiwi living in London and just perusing her Facebook makes me want to fly on a magic carpet and move in with her and eat her cooking and be her roommate forever.

Brick Lane//London//UK

If I had to pick just one street in London and label it my favourite, it would have to be Brick Lane. Located in East London, it is full of the most interesting and eclectic people you could set eyes on. A absolute feast for the eyes for anyone that loves people watching as much as I do. Street signs in Brick Lane are written in both English and Bengali, due to the large community of Bangladeshi residents in the area. This long cobbled street is full of curry houses at one end, and the rest of the street houses everything from boutique bowling alleys, to retro clothing stores, coffee shops and Jewish bagel stores. Every Sunday Brick Lane comes to life in the best of ways. Multiple markets pop up, amazing food is on offer, and you can purchase all sorts of weird and wonderful goods, whilst listening to anything from a beat boxer to an acoustic guitar piece as you stroll along. To top it off, you will see some of the best street art on building walls and random doors, often being the works of famous street artist Banksy. Brick Lane never gets boring, it's a must see when you visit London.

Ahh, love her! If you want to see more of Annmaree's writings, check out her blog at:

Want to send me your street and blurb to be featured on the blog (and get your city & street the recognition it deserves?) Get at me on Facebook, or e-mail me at mrsalexnolan{at}gmail{dot}com!

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