Nolandia Does Austin...Again

packed and ready

Terrence and I are off to Austin, Texas this weekend. We're super pumped to visit some of our favorite people in the world, nosh on some vittles that we've been craving, and use the time to reconnect with each other. We are going to do a social media-less weekend, so you will only be seeing "Latergrams" from us.

Austin was our "first trip as a couple" and since we both lived there before we moved to Houston, it's always crazy to show each other where we spent time, and tell stories of our lives pre-relationship. Terrence went to school at the University of Texas-Austin, belonged to a student organization, studied, partied, broke hearts and generally had a normal college experience.
 I moved to Austin after college (but since I'm older we lived there at the same time), and spent most of my time on South Congress, checking out the vintage shops, grabbing some coffee and basically just soaking in how amazingly lucky I was to live in a place that was so incredible.

So, obviously we like going back for quickie weekend trips to tide us over until our next big adventure. We are planning on catching a tailgate with Terrence's "Wranglers"too, (but then desperately trying to locate a place to watch the Michigan game because that is way more important TO ME)

However you are spending your weekend we hope it leaves you with good memories and a rejuvenated perspective. See you back here Monday for a recount of our ATX Adventures!
Take it easy, xx

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