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Several months ago I earned my yoga teaching certification (Certified AT LAST). A few weeks after, I got a job with Norton Fitness teaching here in Houston. I had meant to post this earlier, but... I kept forgetting. So, how's it going with me and yoga?
Pretty well. I practice a little every day, (sometimes a VERY little) but have been getting in at least 3 solid sequences/sessions a week besides teaching. I have been focusing on building strength in my arms for handstands, and on my flexibility, which has always been a weakness.

Classes are good. Sometimes I get down on myself about not being "awesome" at yoga, or not being as "dedicated" as some other teachers I have been to class with have been. But... that's just negativity. I run everyday, I lift a lot, and I yoga. I feel that for me, it is important to keep that all in balance...jack of all trades, master of none. 

My classes themselves are pretty beginner/intermediate level, and honestly, I think anything more would be inappropriate. One thing I learned from yoga certification training was, "Don't teach what people can't do" And because I have a different mix of people every week, who aren't coming consistently or practicing any other time--other than class with me... I don't feel  a need to "show off" my moves, or make it more challenging. (trust me, warrior two for more than a minute is enough of a challenge)

Yoga, for the most part, I have noticed, is time for people to relax, get centered and take a break from the pressures of their day. They might know all of the poses already, they just want someone to lead them through them. So I do, and I think we have a pretty great time. It's nicer to have a smaller class too, because I can spend more time adjusting and assisting. 

What do you expect from your yoga teacher/class? What makes a class 'good'? Share!
Namaste y'all! xx

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