Favorite ETSY Finds:::Gifting

So, I have all of my holiday shopping done. But that doesn't mean I don't want to shop for myself. I can't, because Terrence will full on wave-motion energy attack me like Ryu from Street Fighter. But I can still dream. Above are some of my most drool-worthy finds for the holidays, and would be great gift ideas if any ladies in your life like SWEET stuff. (Or, if you really want to surprise your favorite blogger, you could definitely pick these up for me. I won't be mad about it.)

Shoes//Tamar Shalem
Art Deco Cuff//minusOne
Twig Ring//foxandthefawn
Travel Journal//domestic papers
Vintage Globe Cookie Jar//TheBohemianFarmhouse

Do you pick out your own gifts? Or are they surprises? How far in advance do you shop?

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