///Lazy Lasagna///

Gosh things get busy, don't they? I feel like I spent all of October and November looking forward to December and Christmas, and poof--here we are. It's a constant struggle to squeeze in all of the Christmas spirit as possible, without focusing on the stuff that doesn't matter. Finding the perfect present? Stupid. Hosting the greatest holiday party? Dumb.  Loving the people around you and showing them? That's what I'm talking about.

I love to make food, provided it doesn't take too much of my time. I've got things to do! Like… play with my animals! And, organize my closet! And… brood over synonyms for "conflicted" and "water" in my new book. (Um, have you read my last book yet?) The other day, I stumbled upon a recipe on Rachel Brathen's for a "Lazy Vegetarian Lasagna" and I was all over it. ( and so was Terrence. Like, all over his face and pants.)

If you need a quick, healthy recipe that won't add any stress to your life, check it out.

Glass Jar of Pasta Sauce
1 box (10 oz) of Gluten Free lasagna noodles. (obvi regular will work too) **I used penne because it was on sale and I don't care about authenticity
1 lb Fresh or Frozen veggies (I used frozen for maximum laziness)
Small Ricotta Cheese
Go Veggie Cheese Shreds (or regular mozzarella)

For recipe, see Rachel's page: Lasagna for Lazy Vegetarians

Enjoy, and spend some time doing things that make you happy--not stressed!
Namaste y'all

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