MY CITY//MY STREETS//Via Lorenza, Amalfi IT

Alright, so I figured it was my turn to contribute. Terrence has his own favorite street in the world, and then we have our favorite, so we have plenty of armchair exploring for you.

Via Lorenzo D'Amalfi, Amalfi Italy

So, this is the main drag in Amalfi. When you start heading down this street you are immediately presented with the Piazza and Duomo of Amalfi. It's no shock that I adore Amalfi, Italy. I mean, I wrote a book about the place. There's something about this main street though, that is at once familiar and also impossible. It's familiar in that it's the charming European street that we see in movies or in our imaginations. It's familiar for it's bright shops with friendly proprietors. For its cafés and pastry and gelato shops. It's everything that you would imagine in a quintessential coastal town in Europe, and because it fits so completely with your imagination it almost seems impossible. The farther into the heart of the town you go, the more real life you come across. A fresh fish market, a wine shop a cheese shop, cute apartment buildings and Roman ruins. Startlingly yellow and bright green lemon groves and the jolly patter of your feet on the cobblestones. By night, the little stores go to sleep, and the romance of Amalfi awakens, all up and down this main street. The small restaurants and wine bars are lit more softly, couples linger over a kiss, everyone is dressed smartly. It's the most lovely place in the world.

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Live Well, xx

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