Packing for a Winter-WINEderland

We leave for Napa Valley on Sunday to spend 5 days in the Christmas bliss of mild coastal temperatures and romantic spa massages/binge wine drinking/and overeating.

We have a few things in mind for our trip, but unlike the majority of our vacations, we are focused on taking it slow. We have no set itinerary, we just know that we, 1. want to eat good food, 2. want to see the Ocean, 3. want to visit Sonoma, 4. I should think it goes without saying that we are doing a wine tour or nine. Double duh.

For Terrence, the idea of not having a clear cut plan of action is terrifying. He has this innate fear of missing experiences, or "not sucking the marrow" from the trip. Me? Meh. I have never been that way. I just go with it. If we see all the shit we want to see, great. If not, guess we will have to come again. (darn!)

This trip was tricky to pack for though, (obviously my bag has been partially packed for the better part of a month. They call it the "travel bug" because it has the symptoms of disease.) I had to pack, classy yet casual, simply yet not dowdy. The temperatures are supposed to be around the 50s, but being from Michigan and living in hell's inferno Texas, I don't even really know what that means. After some research, this is what I am bringing.

black equestrian boots
leopard flats


 Charcoal pullover sweater
 Black Cardigan


Scarves, tights, underoos, and pajamas and a red peacoat

When traveling, I always choose a palette, and then build from there- it's wonderful what a well chosen scarf can do to add a pop of color. (OBVIOUSLY the color palette I chose for this trip was…. BLACK. Shocker. I always choose black). The end result is that all of my clothes go-together and I don't overpack. Terrence and I NEVER check luggage, and I can fit all that and my makeup and toiletries into my carry on. 

Wherever you spend your holidays, and whatever you celebrate... have a wonderful time this Holiday season. Besides a quick post on Monday, there will be no more Nolandia until we get back. Can't wait to share our trip with you!

Happy Holidays, y'all! xx

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